Good evening, roleplayers. Might I inform you all of our open characters and how wonderful they are?

Sirius Black
A rebel in every sense of the word — and proud of it, thank you very much — Sirius is rash and somewhat illogical, but loyal.

Arthur Weasley
The much beloved Arthur Weasley, Gryffindor graduate and current Ministry Assistant, is calm, even tempered and genuinely kind, though his generosity sometimes gets the better of him.

Note: We have a Molly, in case you were wondering. A Molly with far too much time on her hands.

Barty Crouch Jr.
Studious, well-meaning and good might be words used to describe Barty by his parents, but within these halls such a persona is ignored, for here, Barty finds people who think like him, who know like he does how wrong it is for the muggleborn filth to walk their halls, who understand his desire to join forces with the Dark Lord and fight for a cause he deems just.

Rabastan Lestrange
Often underestimated thanks to his “younger brother” status, Rabastan knows how to play the game of war far better than anyone else — or reckons he does, at least. He’s hardly lacking in self confidence, especially when it comes to his intelligence, and often lashes out as his brother, the ever-favoured heir to the Lestrange fortune.

❧ Lucius Malfoy
❧ Slytherin, Seventh Year, Head Boy
❧ Death Eater
❧ FC: Harry Lloyd

Lucius Malfoy likes to think he runs the school, and with Head Boy status and a father on the School Board, it sometimes means he may as well. Except for one tiny thing: Dumbledore’s certainly keeping a close eye on him, and with the weekly Head meetings putting Lucius right under Dumbledore’s crooked nose, he has to take care to step very carefully. Every inch a Slytherin, Lucius is power hungry and knows just how to play his cards behind the scenes. Between his cleverness and the group of dark, outcast Slytherin boys who follow him like a god (of the vengeful sort), you do not want to get on the wrong side of Lucius Malfoy. Your life will take a rather unpleasant turn if you do. 

Pros: Clever, quick-witted, eloquent, self-assured, strong-willed, cares for his own
Cons: Conniving, arrogant, prejudiced, lacks empathy for those beneath him

Relationships: Lucius cares very much about his family and is proud of his family name. He looks up to his father and would see or hear nothing against his mother. He has few friends and many allies. His betrothal to Narcissa Black is already arranged, something he certainly doesn’t mind.

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❧ Gwenog Jones
❧ Ravenclaw, Fourth Year, Chaser
❧ FC: Hailee Steinfeld

Gwenog Jones is smart, funny, and has a competitive streak that could have landed her in Slytherin if it hadn’t been limited to Quidditch and test grades. Other than that, Gwenog is easy going and often laughing at some joke or other, even if the joke is at her expense. She never shies away from physical activity, enjoying the rush of adrenaline that exercise of any kind gives her. 

Pros: Smart, funny, confident, level-headed, active
Cons: Bossy, finds it difficult to keep still, can be overly-competitive

Relationships: Up to player.

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❧ Emmeline Vance
❧ Ravenclaw, Fifth Year
❧ Future Order Member
❧ FC: Lucy Hale

Six months ago, Emmeline Vance was what many would have considered the perfect student. Well liked and studious, her attendance was without fault, her homework always turned in on time and her friends were, well, perfect. Managing all her extracurricular activities (including horse-riding, badminton, Quidditch and an after hours course on Magical Beasts In The Wild And How To Tame Them) while still remaining top of her class in all subjects was difficult, she’ll readily admit, but worth it. 
Now, however, her outlook on life is a little different. She can’t seem to handle all the pressure put on her shoulders, doesn’t hand in her homework at all and often blows off her friends to sit by the lake with a bottle of Blishen’s Firewhiskey and a joint she’s most likely confiscated from some lackwit fourth year, drowning her miseries in the swirls of smoke and taste of liquor.
Perhaps Miss Perfection isn’t coping as well as she seems.

Pros: Well liked, eager to please, dedicated
Cons: Secretive, unwilling to share her burdens

Relationships: To many, Mary MacDonald would be considered Emmeline’s greatest friend though not, it seems, to Emmeline herself. Though the Ravenclaw girl is especially fond of Mary, she knows that Lily Evans has taken up the position of “best friend” in Mary’s life and therefore, rather begrudgingly, has begun distancing herself from her.

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❧ Andromeda Black
❧ Slytherin, Sixth Year, Prefect
❧  Order of the Phoenix sympathies
❧ FC: Gemma Arterton

Andromeda is the middle Black sister, and while she loves her family dearly, she is the most removed. She sometimes finds that she has more loyalty to her friends than the hectic family at home, especially when she tires of juggling her older and younger sisters’ very different, yet equally high-strung personalities. Andromeda’s top ambition is school. She wants to study well so that she can do whatever she wants later in life and never be tied down again. It doesn’t seem a likely future with her classical upbringing and her social betrothal to a rather dashing French wizard already announced, but just like she can dream about the adorable muggleborn, Ted Tonks, so can she dream about studying abroad, as far away from England as possible.

Pros: Level-headed, sociable, practical, studious, kind
Cons: Stoic, blunt, can be scathing if her temper runs out

Relationships: Andromeda loves her sisters very much, but she finds herself growing more distant from them. Her relationship with her parents never recovered from her younger teen-rebellion phase, mostly because many of the things she realized then, she still holds quietly to herself. Her relationship with her cousin Sirius, in the meantime, is growing stronger, especially out of mutual sympathy. Andromeda has many friends, though she is somewhat anxious as she believes she has to be careful of what she says around all of them.

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❧ Hestia Jones
❧ Hufflepuff, Seventh Year, Prefect
❧ Future Order Member
❧ FC: Troian Bellisario

Patience. Modesty. Though sorted into Hufflepuff house, Hestia possess neither of these traits. 

The rest of the bio is on it’s way, just you wait.

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❧ Kingsley Shacklebolt
❧ Ravenclaw, Fifth Year, Prefect
❧ Future Order Member
❧ FC: Nathan Stewart-Jarrett

Kingsley Shacklebolt is known for his calm demeanor and slow, steady voice. He is level-headed and careful and although he can seem very laid back, Kingsley has the focus of a bloodhound when it comes to the important things, mainly his friends, his grades, and his future. While some students seem impervious to the murmurs of a rising war, Kingsley is completely aware and he is already preparing. High grades are a must have for the position of an Auror, and he’s determined that nothing get in his way. 

Pros: Level-headed, calm, thoughtful, hard working, usually objective
Cons: Stubborn, slow and steady doesn’t always win the race

Relationships: Kingsley has many friends, many of which seek him for good advice and a calm outlook on life. Sometimes, he can get too caught up in studying and preparing for the future, but luckily he has enough friends to pull him back out into the school’s social life again. Familial relationships up to player or available at request.

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❧ Bertha Jorkins
❧ Hufflepuff, Sixth Year, Prefect
❧ FC: Leighton Meester

Bertha Jorkins is, much to the dismay of Rita Skeeter, the editor of the school’sreal newspaper. However, no one is quite sure how she managed to earn such a position. 
Though academically gifted, Bertha doesn’t possess much in the way of common sense, practicality or resourcefulness and often finds herself confused by even the smallest trials. Because of this, many perceive Bertha to be nothing but a ditzy upstart, mocking and slandering her name in the school halls.
Despite this, Bertha remains calm and collected, brushing their insults to the side and continuing on, trying to better herself by working diligently and making the world see that, yes, she earned this spot on the school newspaper.

Pros: Smart, kind, good-humoured
Cons: Gossip, forgetful, ditzy

Relationships: Once friends and now competitors, Bertha is well aware of the animosity Rita Skeeter bears her and, not wanting to cause a fight, tries to stay as far away from her as possible. Other relationships up to player.

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❧ Quirinus Quirrel
❧ Ravenclaw, Sixth Year
❧ FC: Iwan Rheon

Quirinus Quirrel is not a people person. Crowds make him nervous, laughter makes him nervous, shouting makes him nervous, crying makes him nervous. He much prefers books where all of the problems are far away and even have set conclusions. His favorite books, non-fiction, don’t even have problems to begin with, just facts about the world around him. Oddly enough, despite his nervous demeanor, Quirinus finds dark creatures and dark spells fascinating. Maybe because there’s something almost tempting about doing whatever you want with little consequence. In the long run, though, it’s just knowledge he’s after, and he is never seen without a book at least by his side, if not in front of his face.

Pros: Smart, focused
Cons: Nervous, asocial, shy

Relationships: Up to player or available at request

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❧ Steven “Stubby” Boardman
❧ Slytherin, Seventh Year
❧ FC: Jared Leto

 Stubby Boardman is loud, obnoxious, and almost constantly in the spotlight. He wouldn’t change anything about that. In fact, with his love for music and his dreams of being adored by a crowd, he wishes that that spotlight were literal instead of just a metaphor. He plans on continuing his education at the Wizarding Academy of Dramatic Arts if, of course, he hasn’t already made it big by then. For now, he plays for friends and especially for the girls who swoon around him.

Pros: Outgoing, determined, ambitious, strong-willed, cunning, good sense of humor
Cons: Obnoxious, rude, self-centered

Relationships: Up to the player or available upon request.

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