❧ Frank Longbottom
❧ Gryffindor, Seventh Year, Prefect
❧ Future Order Member
❧ FC: Joseph Gordon Levitt

Frank Longbottom is laid-back, kind, and is the definition of that “over-all great guy” that almost everyone meets at least once in their life. Frank is a good student, a good listener, and tries to be kind and polite to everyone though of course he also has an ounce or so of that Gryffindor temper, especially where his friends are concerned. Not bad looking at all, and with that definite air of being the one guy who knows how to treat a girl right, Frank has plenty of dating opportunities. Unfortunately for them, there’s only one girl on Frank’s mind lately, and he’s definitely not going to be swayed as long as there’s the slightest chance it might all work out.

Pros: Kind, good-natured, funny, hard and steady worker
Cons: Easily stretches himself thin trying to please everyone, can seem like a push-over especially in comparison to other Gryffindors

Relationships: Frank has a loving family, though a somewhat over-bearing and domineering mother. He also has many friends, and even more acquaintances as he enjoys staying on good terms with anyone he comes to contact with. Unfortunately, as his family is known to be “muggle-lovers” and “blood traitors” by the elitist purebloods, Frank has come in some conflict with a few students lately, mostly Slytherins. One of Frank’s best friends, and hopefully more one day, is Alice Smith.

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