❧ Lucius Malfoy
❧ Slytherin, Seventh Year, Head Boy
❧ Death Eater
❧ FC: Harry Lloyd

Lucius Malfoy likes to think he runs the school, and with Head Boy status and a father on the School Board, it sometimes means he may as well. Except for one tiny thing: Dumbledore’s certainly keeping a close eye on him, and with the weekly Head meetings putting Lucius right under Dumbledore’s crooked nose, he has to take care to step very carefully. Every inch a Slytherin, Lucius is power hungry and knows just how to play his cards behind the scenes. Between his cleverness and the group of dark, outcast Slytherin boys who follow him like a god (of the vengeful sort), you do not want to get on the wrong side of Lucius Malfoy. Your life will take a rather unpleasant turn if you do. 

Pros: Clever, quick-witted, eloquent, self-assured, strong-willed, cares for his own
Cons: Conniving, arrogant, prejudiced, lacks empathy for those beneath him

Relationships: Lucius cares very much about his family and is proud of his family name. He looks up to his father and would see or hear nothing against his mother. He has few friends and many allies. His betrothal to Narcissa Black is already arranged, something he certainly doesn’t mind.

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